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Benefit Statements
Employee Benefit Statements are an effective human resource tool to communicate the value of employer sponsored benefits. Using customized, individual benefit statements, employees can better understand the financial committment their employer has made in them
By using our solution you will see reduced costs when hiring new employees. Your company will use less paper, and printing as well as a reduction in copying of documents. You will not have to worry about shipping forms or faxing forms to another location, they can be stored long term.
Our solution offers the use of internet technologies within an organization to achieve better results than the conventional means of data access and transfer. Our software will help in cutting costs, is easy to use and offers fast accessibility of day to day information!
Employer Brochure
Our agency offers access to a secure online benefits management system. It is a system where you and your employees can access all of your critical benefit information anytime, anywhere.
Our agency offers "cloud based" technology that provides 24/7 access of your SBC documents to your employees via our secure benefit portal tool. Our clients can even request an electronic signature from each employee acknowledging receipt of this important information.