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Understanding My HSA
HSAs will not cure everything that's wrong with America's health care sector. But my HSA plan did get me more engaged in my health care decisions, in a way that benefited me directly, and helped make health insurance a little more affordable for others.
Maximize Your HSA
Review this brochure for 5 tips to maximize your health savings account!
Reimbursable OTC Medical Expenses
Health flexible spending accounts (FSAs), health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs) and health savings accounts (HSAs) may provide tax-free reimbursements of certain over-the-counter (OTC) items. OTC items are those that are generally available to consumers without a prescription.                                  
Reasons to Love Your HSA
With the soaring cost of health care, many consumers are turning to the health savings account (HSA) as a way to combat rising expenses. This financial option is quickly growing in popularity and has the potential to save you a significant amount of money. Here are 10 reasons to love an HSA.
Life Events and Your HSA
Your HSA can help you pay for a variety of life events that may otherwise have a large impact on your finances.  Learn about different ways you can use your funds!
HSA Spending Log
Track all of your HSA expenses using our convenient log.
Answers to many HSA account questions brought to you by Insure NW, Inc
HSA Eligible Expenses
Your Insure NW, Inc HSA may reimburse:
  1. Qualified medical expenses incurred by the account beneficiary and his or her spouse and dependents
  2. COBRA premiums
  3. Health insurance premiums while receiving unemployment benefits
  4. Qualified LTC premiums
  5. Any  health insurance premiums paid, other than a Medicare supplemental policy, by individuals age 65 or older
Case Studies
Using HSA's to your advantage, learn how these families used an HSA account to their advantage!
Consumer Driven Healthcare

Consumer health plans are not designed to require a patient to shop around during an emergency. Rather, they empower patients to know their marketplace beforehand, so that in an emergency the patient knows where he or she feels most comfortable receiving care.