"When we came to a point where our business could offer health insurance to our employees, we literally didn't know where to start-there are so many plans and options. Time was at a premium (when isn't it) and I recalled working with you at a previous employer. I was finally able to recall the name of your business and one call was all it took.

Shortly thereafter we received a packet of information including a listing of all the insurance options for our comapny size, beautifully presented and easily understood. Any questions we had were quickly answered by a staff tht was clearly knowledgeable and enthusiastic about what they do.

When our company had grown to a point where we need COBRA services; again Insure NW was able to take over the administrations of the entire process, much to my relief as COBRA is COMPLICATED.

Whenever I have a question or concern, Insure NW is there with an answer. And all of this at no extra cost to me. Unheard of."
- E.S., Business Manager


"Susan has gone out of her way to give us the best insurance options available while trying to keep our costs down. I highly recommend Insure NW to anyone looking to secure an insurance broker with her honesty, integrity and loyalty to her clients."
- D.W., Operations Manager


"I would like to thank DeAnn and her co-workers at Insure NW. DeAnn came to my rescue when I got denied medical coverage. Had I turned to Insure NW to help find coverage when I left my former employment the issues I was faced with would have been avoided. DeAnn knows health insurance, what to do and not to do. DeAnn's assistance was greatly appreciated, I will also turn to her and the company she represents if I should need to change health insurance policies."
- E.A.

"I am so thrilled and happy with the customer service that Insure NW Inc. and DeAnn Hickel has provided our company.  Our good friends highly recommended them and this has become one of the best business decisions we've made. We to have spread the good word and referred other businesses to Insure NW Inc.   From policy questions, yearly renewals, EOB explanations, and the "above and beyond" customer service we couldn't be more happier.  Thank you for all you've done for us and continually do year after year!" - T.M.

"We have been a customer of Insure NW for over 10 years now. Each year they take the time to research plans that work for our group and organize the data in a format that is easy to compare plans. This is no small task as many years our existing plan is no longer offered and we are forced to find a new plan.

The customer service and support we receive from the staff at Insure Northwest has been excellent. Susan, Joyce, DeAnn and everyone else we have worked with goes the extra mile in helping us solve our problem or research solutions. I will continue to recommend Insure NW to business associates and friends.

I am now using Insure NW for Individual Health Insurance and have received the same level of excellent customer service from Joyce. I have run into several issues with the application process and they have been a very helpful as I work through the options." - S.K.

If you'd like to learn more about how Insure NW, Inc. can help you and your business, contact us!